What Clients Say

On Executive, Leadership and Team Coaching

“I’m very pleased with the value I’m gaining from working with Duanna as my executive coach. Dare I say, it’s even been FUN? I’m a fan of her very refreshing approach.”
— Doug Dean, Chief Human Resource Officer, Children’s Hospital, Alabama (Children’s Health System)

“Our transition to a new leadership team has experienced unexpected challenges that affected our confidence, enthusiasm and effectiveness. Duanna’s approach was different from that of other consultants we have worked with in that she assisted us to determine the source of our challenges, thereby allowing us to openly acknowledge them and re-commit to ICOM’s future with a sense of renewal and possibility. This has been helpful beyond my expectations. Our leadership team now has an understanding of past issues and a clarity of roles that are necessary for effective future leadership. Duanna’s experience, insights, depth of knowledge and unique discernment on both the personal and corporate levels were paramount in making the success of our leadership transition possible. As the others in the team have also expressed, thanks so much, Duanna, for your skillful methods which have been so beneficial to ICOM.”
— Donald G Isaacson, CEO, ICOM Mechanical Inc., San Jose, California

“I had the good fortune to be connected to Duanna for executive leadership coaching, and thoroughly enjoyed my interactions with her. After establishing the fundamentals of leadership, we delved into personal areas that could use improvement, which in my case was conflict management. She was instrumental in my learning how to spot patterns in conflicts and provided invaluable insights into potential solutions, tailored to the specific situation and individuals involved. She is a great accountability partner; you can sense her genuine desire to help you achieve your best self, all delivered with a fantastic sense of humor!”
— Maaike Everts, PhD, Associate Professor, UAB School of Medicine

“I was fortunate to have worked with Duanna over the last 12 months. Within that period, Duanna helped me hone my leadership skills and become a confident director. She is able to provide clear and direct coaching that contributed to the attainment of my goals. Her feedback from ‘shadowing’ my performance in the work setting also helped empower and challenge me to develop realistic, workable approaches in interacting with my team.”

— Kim Bullock, Corporate Compliance Officer, Children’s Hospital, Alabama (Children’s Health System)

“I first got to know Duanna when my company signed me up for the ‘Lead like it Matters’ course in 2012. I found the course very useful and what caught my attention was the 4 fundamental pillars of leadership Duanna spoke about. They sounded simple but I didn’t realise how important they are until I started to apply them in my work later on.
Inspired by the course and by the person, about a year ago I decided to start work with Duanna as a coach, where we would talk on a monthly basis via Skype about my work as a leader in the team. I found her insights, openness and non-judgemental approach to be of enormous help. By our working together over the last 12 months, Duanna has helped me to grow as a much more capable leader, one who can better utilise his strengths and is willing to challenge and overcome his weaknesses too. In this way, not only I have benefitted, but my team as well as the people we serve have too! It is a win-win at every angle.
Perosnally what I appreciate most about Duanna is her non-judgemental and real style which comes from her sense of purpose of why she does this work and her deep sense of integrity.”
— Simon Bongard, Counsellor at a Family Service Centre, Singapore

“Duanna spoke at a recent meeting for our management team and I really enjoyed her presentation. She is an excellent speaker and has a different perspective that was welcome and helpful.”
— Charlotte West, MPH, RN, CPAN, Director, One Day Surgery/PACU, Children’s Hospital, Alabama (Children’s Health System)

“Duanna facilitated our staff retreat with humor and great insight, making it easier for the staff to share personal information that results in bonding, through better understanding of one another. I gained a greater awareness of individual staff and myself through some of the exercises and learned ways to work planning into my week, while minimizing interruptions. Since the retreat, I have noticed deepened relationships among valued employees and a more cohesive team.”
— Beth Franklin, Founder & Executive Director, Hand-In-Paw

“The team building retreat had many interesting and insightful elements, including discussions on building awareness and trust. Everyone was actively engaged and comfortable in participating. I enjoyed the sharing of personal stories. The take-away points that I found particularly interesting were: refraining from automatic negative thoughts; setting aside time weekly for planning and making time tables; and managing energy instead of time. I left the retreat feeling that it was a success and wishing we had time for more!”
— Susan Darby, Associate Director, Hand-In-Paw

On Workshop Facilitation

“Duanna Pang-Dokland is one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced. She has a real sense of understanding when listening to others speak their mind about the problems they encounter in business. She is an inspiration to be around. I value her greatly!”
— Shelia Portman, Financial Planner, MassMutual Financial Group

“Duanna is a very qualified instructor and coach who brings with her broad perspectives and multi-faceted angles into looking at coaching issues and situations. She is the critical ingredient of course success. An inspiring, interactive and enriching experience which equips the participants to be better coaches and leaders.” – Ivy Soh, Officer-in-Charge, Training & Development, Singapore Prison Service

“Can’t wait to apply it!” – Marilyn Ow, Principal, House on the Hill Montessori School

“I am now more aware of my blind spots and the difference between coaching and performance appraisals.” – Officer, Singapore Prison Service

“The course was very insightful.” – VP, Human Resources, Barclays Bank

“Aspects of the course that I liked best are: mental models and the 3-step coaching process. The course taught me a different approach to coaching and how we can enhance it.” — Zainal Asmore, Senior Officer, Singapore Prison Service

On Sales & Marketing Coaching

“After the merger of my company, I felt my self confidence drop to an all time low, which is one reason I went to Duanna for coaching. After working with her for about 4 months, my self confidence has greatly improved, and my sales and level of customer service are at an all time high as well. I don’t think it would have been possible to close almost $1 million in sales in one week without Duanna’s coaching.”
— Stacey Wright, Corporate Account Manager, Teklinks
One of Birmingham’s fastest growing companies, 2007

“I have known Duanna for a couple of years now, and I was always impressed with her. We hired her to coach one of our key employees. She worked with this employee for about 6 months, over which time we saw a dramatic improvement in focus, organization and goal setting. The coaching helped this individual establish a pattern of success that she continues to build upon today. The bonus we received from Duanna was a holistic approach to our business. Even though she was working primarily with one person in our company, she gave me many suggestions and ideas, on how we could possibly improve our business.

Our direct increase in revenue was related to additional sales brought in by the person Duanna worked with.  The individual has increased our bottom line by $5000 a month since working with Duanna. The good news is there are many more things in the hopper that would not be there without the coaching this person received.”
— Tom Stroud, President, Moreson Conferencing

“I worked with Duanna for over 12 months. She helped me develop a sales and marketing plan and then assisted to keep me focused on executing it. While I have consistently achieved my sales goals in the past, the year I worked with Duanna was the best financial year I have ever had — the increase in the last quarter over the previous year was 66%. Duanna’s coaching had a tremendous impact on our bottom line. In addition, I turned to Duanna for input on a number of issues including preparation for a trade show, and reviewing marketing materials. She has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth this year.”
— Caryn Terradas, Director of Sales & Marketing, Capstone Development International

“I have enjoyed working with Duanna very much. Just one of the ideas she gave me became a great selling tool. My clients love it.”
— Neil Lyda, Summit Displays LLC

On Duanna’s Leadership as ICF Chapter President in 2007 & 2008

“Coach Duanna, as she is affectionately known, is a woman with a compelling smile, a relentless zest for life, and a desire to bring other people along with her on that journey. In my experience with Duanna as president of the North & Central Alabama Chapter of the International Coach Federation, she has exhibited tremendous leadership abilities. Her dedication to our group and its members has had measurable success. Duanna has been instrumental in providing an arena for coaches to connect, garner support and promote the fairly new concept of coaching in the most professional manner. She has guided us through projects, connected us with other coaches at a national and international level, and brought a nationally recognized coach to conduct a public workshop in Birmingham in June 2008. The proof of a real leader is found in those that follow. Duanna’s ability to get others to participate is a testament to her influence.”
— Vicki Adaway, NLP Certified Coach, Adaway & Associates

“Duanna has a proven record of leadership in her career. She consistently strives for excellence in all that she does. She asks insightful questions, listens for answers and collaborates with her peers on implementing new strategies for achieving goals. Her emotional intellect and awareness of the contributions of others is evident in all that she does. Her organizational skills and real-time management of people and processes will benefit our community in the years to come.”
— Kyle DeLoach, Treasurer, International Coach Federation, North & Central AL Chapter

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