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For years, I resisted using assessments in my work with clients, as I was wary of their tendency to label and “box” my clients into neat categories of personalities. In addition, I did not have much faith in assessments that were based on an individual picking statements that best described their preferences, as there exists a tendency to pick the choice that one assumes would look good or show up well.

Then, I came across the Hartman Value Profile. I was struck by the following:

  1. HVP is highly objective because it is based on a scientific mathematical approach of determining what and how people denote value. This work by Dr. Robert S Hartman was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 1973.
  2. HVP is not a personality profile. Rather, it captures a person’s decision-making and thinking pattern. Instead of asking a person to tell you how they think, it makes them think and make minute decisions by ranking statements not related to their own behavior or performance.
  3. The profile places its emphasis upon thinking, not behaving. It recognizes that the same behavior can spring from different decision-making styles in different people.
  4. HVP does not ask the respondent to describe himself, his competencies or other people. As such, it is not vulnerable to bias.
  5. While many assessments measure behavior and group the results into a limited number of categories, the HVP has 6.4 quadrillion possible ways in which a profile can be composed.
  6. HVP is EEOC-compliant. When used for making hiring or promotional decisions, the HVP does not differentiate based on age, sex or race.
  7. HVP’s Scientific Axiometric Benchmarking is a highly specific, mathematical, objective measurement of a potential hire’s likelihood for success and failure within a company’s unique culture. This process has saved businesses millions by reducing employee turnover, lost training and relocation costs.

Finding out your decision-making and thinking pattern allows you to understand why you are getting the results you are getting. You can then choose your goals, whether it is to strengthen a capacity or change a thought pattern. You can then focus on the talents that come naturally to you and make validated decisions about the journey you want to take to achieve your goals – but, this time, without the struggle.

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Over the past 30 years, the HVP has been used, approved and validated by some of the most established organizations in the world, including:


US Navy


New York Yankees

  • 1980’s: Construct validity-random samples, 40,000 Dollar General EEOC validity items, Hartman math, clinical variables, retest every 5 years
  • 1988: Criterion validity
  • 1988: Validity study, Chuck McDonald and Bill Murphy with Vanderbilt psychometrician
  • 1990: Reviewed and approved by legal department, AIB
  • 1991: Reviewed and approved, Drake Beam Morin
  • 1988: Reviewed and approved, GTE legal and psychometric-used until Training Center closed in Norwich, CT (10 years later)
  • 1985: Reviewed and approved, legal department, CUNY mutual, used for all employees until 1996 when company was bought
  • 1990: Reviewed and approved, psychometrics, at AT&T
  • 1991: Reviewed and approved, legal and psychometric, USPS, Lamon Mosely, Asst. Postmaster General
  • 1996: Reviewed and approved, KPMG, for leadership
  • 1996: Reviewed and approved, psychometrics, Arthur Andersen Consulting, Ann Mueller, psychometrician and adjunct faculty, University of Chicago
  • 1996: Reviewed and approved through peer review of Academic Psychometricians from Harvard, Princeton and Yale
  • 1996: Reviewed and approved, legal commission, Ernst and Young
  • 2000: Reviewed and approved, Graduate school of Education, Georgetown University, Marshal Saskin
  • 2003: Reviewed and approved, Chief HR Office, Chief Nursing Officer, CEO, HCA (Hospital Corporation of America)

*The above represent the key validations and reviews conducted by and for the psychometric and legal specialists within client companies. The results, while theoretically rigorous, are also targeted toward actual organizational usage. Since they involve internal data, privacy concerns require that the studies remain proprietary. These are available on request.





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