Reduce Stress at Work through Evidence-based Mindfulness Practice

Are you feeling stressed at work because you are afraid of

        • having too much to do with little time and few resources,
        • disappointing your bosses,
        • being perceived as being a bad leader
        • speaking up for what you believe is right,
        • letting the deal slip through your fingers?
Reduce stress at work through evidence-based mindfulness practice

Mindfulness reduces stress

Mindfulness Reduces Stress by helping 

  • Your brain’s ability to change, structurally and functionally (neuroplasticity), allowing you to better control your reactions.
  • To decrease respiratory rates and blood pressure
  • To create thicker cortical walls in the brain, improving decision-making, attention and memory
  • To decrease muscle tension and pain
  • To decrease feelings of depression and irritability

 In this workshop, you’ll experience

  • Mindfulness practices to calm the mind and stop mental cycling so you can focus and concentrate
  • Techniques to achieve emotional balance and deal with core limiting negative beliefs
  • Mindful Leadership Skills Coaching that lead to a happy, productive team

Workshop Date: Please pick one

 16 Aug (Yoga Circle Inverness) from 3 – 4.30 pm  Or

 23 Aug (Yoga Circle Southside) at 3 – 4.30 pm 

Investment: $25 (by 12 Aug or 19 Aug respectively)     Or    $30 (at the door)

Register at either Yoga Circle location, or on 

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