Lead Like It Matters™ Program

For New Managers and Business Owners who want to Build and
Revitalize their Leadership Skills

If you think you are barely managing in these maddening times,

feel paralyzed by the constraints of an economy in recovery mode,

want to generate ferocious commitment from your team every day,

want to exceed your company’s performance expectations of you and your team every year…

… Then this program was designed for you:

Finally, a leadership skills program designed specifically for new managers and business owners,

who want to build and reinvigorate their leadership skills,

elicit potent and effective teamwork,

and generate high-level performance in your team even when the odds are stacked against you.

Do you work in an environment where people have made a conscious choice to fade into the background, and live for the weekends? Where they leave the best of who they are at home, and suit up everyday for the detachment factory?

Most managers spend at least 60 hours a week at work. This is time you do not get back. Life is happening to you right now.

Yet, why do you, and so many leaders I’ve met, give up on your team and your company and settle for a culture where people behave like they would rather be someplace else?

Why do you surrender decisions about revitalizing your leadership skills to the HR Department or your boss?

This is your one and only precious life. Someone’s going to decide how it is going to be lived, and I hope that person is you.

It’s time to invest in your own growth and enrichment so you can live your work life on your own terms.

This 2-day experiential workshop will show you how. You will learn the fundamentals of being an effective leader through an inner-outer approach based in real-world strategies and recent discoveries in brain science and mindfulness.


  • Leading Yourself
    • Awakening your natural leadership skills through authenticity, integrity, being committed to a purpose bigger than yourself, and breaking through the victim mindset
    • Influencing your boss, upper management and peers to achieve organizational goals
    • Increasing awareness of your habitual patterns and responses
    • Keeping yourself inspired along the journey
    • Reducing stress
  • Leading Your Team
    • Developing critical insights about employee behaviours and what makes team members perform or get stuck
    • Generating team cohesiveness through transformative questions on possibility, ownership, dissent, commitment and gifts
    • Engaging and motivating your team by using a simple model of one-on-one coaching
    • Acknowledging your team authentically

Program Format

In addition to the 2-day seminar, there will be 2 follow-up group coaching sessions, once a month, by phone, to help you:

  • Apply your learning to real-world situations
  • Deal with any obstacles that may get in the way of applying what you learned

What Leadership Coaching Clients Say

“After the merger of my company, I felt my self confidence drop to an all time low, which is one reason I went to Duanna for coaching. After working with her for about 4 months, my self confidence has greatly improved, and my sales and level of customer service are at an all time high as well. I don’t think it would have been possible to close almost $1 million in sales in one week without Duanna’s coaching.”
– Stacey Wright, Corporate Account Manager, Teklinks, One of Birmingham’s fastest growing companies, 2007

“I was fortunate to have worked with Duanna over the last 12 months. Within that period, Duanna helped me hone my leadership skills and become a confident director. She is able to provide clear and direct coaching that contributed to the attainment of my goals. Her feedback from ‘shadowing’ my performance in the work setting also helped empower and challenge me to develop realistic, workable approaches in interacting with my team.”
– Kim Bullock, Corporate Compliance Officer, Children’s Hospital, Alabama (Children’s Health System)

“Duanna facilitated our staff retreat with humor and great insight, making it easier for the staff to share personal information that results in bonding, through better understanding of one another. I gained a greater awareness of individual staff and myself through some of the exercises and learned ways to work planning into my week, while minimizing interruptions. Since the retreat, I have noticed deepened relationships among valued employees and a more cohesive team.”
– Beth Franklin, former Founder & Executive Director, Hand-In-Paw

“Duanna Pang-Dokland is one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced. She has a real sense of understanding when listening to others speak their mind about the problems they encounter in business. She is an inspiration to be around. I value her greatly!”
– Shelia Portman, Financial Planner, MassMutual Financial Group

“I worked with Duanna for over 12 months. She helped me develop a sales and marketing plan and then assisted to keep me focused on executing it. While I have consistently achieved my sales goals in the past, the year I worked with Duanna was the best financial year I have ever had — the increase in the last quarter over the previous year was 66%. Duanna’s coaching had a tremendous impact on our bottom line. In addition, I turned to Duanna for input on a number of issues including preparation for a trade show, and reviewing marketing materials. She has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth this year.”
– Caryn Terradas, Director of Sales & Marketing, Capstone Development International

“The team building retreat had many interesting and insightful elements, including discussions on building awareness and trust. Everyone was actively engaged and comfortable in participating. I enjoyed the sharing of personal stories. The take-away points that I found particularly interesting were: refraining from automatic negative thoughts; setting aside time weekly for planning and making time tables; and managing energy instead of time. I left the retreat feeling that it was a success and wishing we had time for more!” – Susan Darby, Associate Director, Hand-In-Paw

“Duanna spoke at a recent meeting for our management team and I really enjoyed her presentation. She is an excellent speaker and has a different perspective that was welcome and helpful.” – Charlotte West, MPH, RN, CPAN, Director, One Day Surgery/PACU, Children’s Hospital, Alabama (Children’s Health System)

Now is the time to invest in your own growth and enrichment so you can live your work life on your own terms.

Email coachduanna(at)ignitingpossibility.com to customize this program for your organization. 

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